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The Russian-American Community Center “Odessota” provides cultural representation to several thousands of Russian-speaking residents in Sarasota and Tampa Metropolitan area. In addition to supporting cultural awareness, Russian history and culture, the Russian American Community Center Odessota aims to promote cultural exchange and cultural diversity among all of Florida cultural communities through shared experiences and mutual values. Odessota is a place where Russian-speaking immigrants may become culturally integrated into mainstream America, and where the American public may become more culturally aware and educated about Russian culture, history, art, music, promote business and mutual cooperation.


Odessota  is Sarasota brunch of Russian-American Community Center Florida (RACCF),  Odessota was founded by Yuliya Gaukhman and Tatyana Boumshteyn in 2010. Russian American Community Center (RACCF) earned its tax-exempt 501 (3) (c) status in 2010. This year Russian-American Community Center - ”Odessota” has been responsible for facilitating cultural and professional exchanges, one of the programs is Flying Doctors of America which is scheduled to visit Russia and provide medical services to needed people. Odessota is working on opening first Russian Sunday school for children amd adults. Odessota  has also succeeded in bringing the best of today’s Russian culture to Sarasota. Odessota events include literature readings, performing arts, exhibitions, film screenings and intellectual symposiums. We are currently working to expand our educational and professional exchange programs.

Our goal is to provide support to the existing Russian speaking community and provide necessary infrastructure for its further development.

Russian Language Community Support Program – We are proud to offer Russian-English Translation and Interpreting services to all government and non-government organizations in Sarasota and Manatee counties. We are ready to help with medical emergencies, school applications, police reports, legal interpretations and many other subjects.  If your organization may need our services please call us at (941) 312-3081 to schedule your appointment or receive free telephone consultation.

Localization assistance for newly immigrated  or visiting Russian speaking guests :Language assistance (Translation-Interpretation), Schools Overview, Driver`s license, Banking & Accounting, Medical & Insurance Providers, Real Estate, Travel & Transportation,  Opening Business and introduction to other service providers. 

 Literary Program: Gives the chance to meet with upcoming and established Russian- American writers.

International Exchange Programs: Series of international exchange programs

Children’s Educational Program: Bi-lingual art, music, chess, creative-play classes, horseback riding camps.

Educational Program and Services for English speakers: Introduction to Russian  Art/Culture/History/ Russian language classes/ Parents & Children Russian language classes/ Assistance with travel logistics.

Business services – Russian market research, finding reputable business partners, advertising and marketing.

Personal Services – Assistance in adoptions from Russia, travel trips to Russia, locating lost relatives.

For sponsorship opportunities please call Yuliya Gaukhman (941) 234-2817

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